Adorable Narnia Has Purrfectly Two-Toned Face

Meet Narnia De La Grace, the cutest two-faced kitty around. He was born with a flawless split of grey and black fur divided almost purrfectly down the middle of his face.

This is him as a newborn kitten. Even at this size his facial fur looks flawlessly split! <3

That cute little baby has now grown into a stunning 11-month kitten.

His rare markings and adorable blue eyes make him absolutely unique in the world! He was born with light grey on one side of its face and black fur on the other while it also has white paws and a patch of white beneath its jaws.

The exact cause of Narnia’s striking appearance is not known, but this two-faced look is found on chimera cats.

This handsome British Shorthair kitty lives in France with his family and has become quite a celebrity there.

For more cute photos and videos follow Narnia’s instagram page The Amazing Narnia.

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