Cat Comforts Abandoned Kitten, Teaches Him How To Love Again By Cuddling Every Day

It was in early October when Moonglade Rose, an animal rescuer, found an abandoned kitten in need of immediate help. She rushed the baby to ER and amazingly they brought him back to full health.

The little one needed a home, so she decided to adopt him and name him Opie.

Though she was more than willing to be the kitten’s new mom, she was still worried about one important thing. Her resident cat Andy, a rescue as well, was used to being the king of the house. The woman feared that having a new kitten around would not bring out the best in him. Fortunately, she had no idea she was up for a beautiful surprise.

The moment Andy heard the kitten’s cries, he reached out to comfort him. He immediately started hugging and kissing the new-comer, showering him with all the TLC he desperately needed. Andy even stayed by his side all of his first night in the house.

The next morning they woke up their mom meowing for love more and attention, although it didn’t seem like they needed any now that they had each other.

As days were going by, little Opie made himself at home. After every meal, Opie would crawl onto Moonglade’s chest and curl up for a little nap, while his little purring engines were full throttle the whole time.

On the other hand, Andy, who used to love cuddling up with his mom, now has a different preference – of his own kind.

Pretty soon, the feline duo became inseparable. Andy has taken the role of big brother very seriously. He’s been teaching the kitten everything he needs to know about catting – when is the perfect time for a nap, how to use the litter box, which hunting moves are the most efficient – and the most important thing – the are of cuddling.

How lucky they all were to find each other!

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