Elderly Man Holding His Kitten After Their Home Perishes In Flames

Ali Meşe, from Ordu Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey, set his house on fire in a terrible accident. The man was trying to fire up his wood stove with gasoline, but it ended up exploding. His entire house was swallowed up in flames.

His neighbors first spotted the blaze, and alerted the fire department. They managed to save Mese, his wife and son, and one of his cats – Sarikiz (translated as ‘Blonde Girl’ in English).

As he stood weeping before the remains of his home, he found comfort in holding his pet cat, who snuggled into his chest.

This image now has the entire social media community in tears.

Although things might seem hopeless for the old man, he survived and the authorities in his province have assured him they will help him in any way possible.

Ali was treated for minor burns at a local hospital, and released the next day. He and his cat were reunited shortly after, at the hospital. It was arranged for someone to bring the sweet blonde kitten to his loving owner there.

This story has deeply touched the hearts of so many. Good people from all around the world have started a GoFundMe page and already raised $7000 for Mese and his family.

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