This is The Great Catsby – The Now-Retired Bookshop Cat

This is a story about Great Catsby, a 141 year old ginger tabby whose life has turned around for the better. And don’t we just love such stories.

When this handsome fellow picked up by a local rescue group Cat Crusaders, he was a grumpy senior kitty, who didn’t care much about the world around him. In fact, he was pretty unfriendly to anyone he would meet.

Finding a place to stay for the Mr. was not an easy task and his “lively”personality was not helping either. Eventually a kind lady named Danielle decided to give this old chap a chance, and took him into her bookstore.

The handsome ginger liked the place, but still didn’t like to make friends.

It turned that he had an eye condition that required an urgent surgery. After his eyes were fixed, he became a completely different cat.

He really enjoyed the company of his human companion and loved getting cuddles and kisses from people who would come to the store.

Since his vision was no longer impaired, he could have fun reading all those super interesting books, and people simply couldn’t help but take pictures of him.

Sometimes he would even help Daniele organize the books on the shelves.

Catsby is now retired, he is a senior kitty after all, but you can still follow him on this Instagram account.

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