He was out fishing when the tiniest kitten crawled up with a very straightforward request

Sometimes, when you least expect it, the smallest of beings can change your life for the better. All you need is an open heart to embrace the change.

A man was out fishing when an adorable little kitten came out of nowhere with a straightforward request.

Jason, the man fishing, couldn’t believe his eyes when the kitten started meowing for his help. The little fur ball then took the next step and tried to climb into his bag.

“She walked up to me and also a close friend as we were fishing. She attempted to go across a 2 lane country highway to the other side of the street where we were.”

A few moments later another kitty that appeared to be her sister showed up. The guys immediately thought that the kittens were abandoned. “They looked too young to be separated from the mom.”

Of course, they just could not leave the kittens all alone there, so they decided to take them with them!

The gray kitten was completely smitten by Jason and followed him around like a duckling. Jason took the little kitten in and found one more family to adopt her sister.

The moment he grabbed the kitty, the little ball of fur dived right into his arms and wouldn’t let go.

She was happy that someone found her, she didn’t even complain while getting her first bath.

What a sweetheart!

(h/t: Imgur)

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