This is Moxi, the miracle kitten (with an update)

Remember this tiny cutie?

We’ve recently posted Moxi’s story, and it is a story of sheer survival. After all the struggles her mom had gone through to keep her alive, her mom feared that her little girl was blind.

But that’s now behind them! As her mom has recently found out – Moxi can actually see a good amount.

“She followed my hand in play finally! I am not sure the extent of her vision but she can see!”

Talk about great news! We couldn’t be happier for this adorable calico cutie, she had it rough at the very beginning.

Her lust for life has touched the hearts of so many people. If you are one of them, and would love to follow Moxi’s new adventures, don’t be shy and check our this Facebook page or join this group. And if by any chance you missed her story, here is a video that will make you fall in love with our little warrior princess. Enjoy.

Warning – contains birth-death content.

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