People Say This Is The Best Christmas Ad Ever, And I Have To Agree

You can’t go wrong with Christmas ads if you choose a cat to be the star of your clip and you have an awesome story line! 😉

The next video has it both, and I honestly believe it’s one of the best Christmas ads I’ve ever seen. So this is how it goes…

It all starts with a family sleeping tight and dreaming vivid dreams. However, not everyone is asleep.

The pet cat Mog is having a nightmare and, oh, my, what a nightmare that is! How would you feel if you dreamt that you ruined Christmas for your loved ones? Oh dear… 🙂

Watch mischievous Mog as she sets off a chain of unfortunate events

Wow, I’ve really enjoyed watching the video. Wouldn’t it be awesome if advertising moguls created ads more ads with cute fluffy characters, such as Mog. What can I say, I’m gonna watch it again 🙂

What do you think?