When Mommy Cat Talks To Her Kittens…

Whoever said that cats are bad mothers didn’t have a clue and this video is a proof of just the opposite.

If you happen to be as big of a fan of Gone with the Wind as I am, and a cat lover as well, then I am sure you remember a line from the movie that makes true cat lovers cringe every time. Can you recall the scene when Rhett Buttler says to Scarlet – A cat is a better mother than you? Well, that sentence serves no justice to no one, neither miss O’Harra nor to pussy cats world wide.

Just take a look at this purrrfect little family. The kittens are as cute as they can be, all soft and fuzzy, snuggling with their brothers and sisters, reaching out for one more meal. However, it is not the kittens who are stars of the show! It is Mommy Cat who makes this video special. Not only is she gentle and loving towards her babies, but she is also making sounds I’ve never heard before. I can only imagine what she is saying, my guess is – no worries, my precious darlings, mommy’s here, everything is going to be alright.

What do you think?